CINEMATIC COLOR, VFX, design, & workflows 

Welcome to  Digital Cinema Based post-production. As a boutique service company we are small but experienced and capable of delivering the highest quality. The workflows are lean but deep, so filmmakers get the best look, on schedule and within budget.

Riverbed Post has partnered with The Dick Clark Screening Room in Santa Monica - a DCI compliant screening room. BIG NEWS HERE: The CHRISTIE 4K DIGITAL CINEMA PROJECTOR and GDC 4K DIGITAL CINEMA SERVER have been installed by Dick Clark! So 2K or 4K - it's all OK here now!

Our Post-Production Services include Digital Intermediates, Final Color Correction, Main and End Title design and production, Visual Effects, Mastering to all Delivery Formats, and full prep-through-post digital workflow services. Whether your project was shot on a high-end digital camera, 35 mm film, - or a mix of formats, like Springbreakers (7 formats), we know how to workflow your project for the best look and sound possible.

Need a fast turnaround, encrypted DCP (Digital Cinema Package) that will look great in Digital Cinema theaters everywhere? Yup, can't be beat  for that service whether it's quality, turnaround or bang for the buck that you value most. We also offer VFX QC screening services, through our full DI system which can inspect and compare those shots against eachother and the original plates like no-one else in town. This allows VFX shots to be viewed with the the depth and detail that works the bad pixels out and sells the good ones.

Innovations are constantly being pushed, but the results are what we live by. Indie friendly post with big studio quality is what we do (and have pioneered for quite a while). Experience and great tools - that's what it takes. Call us to schedule a session, free workflow consultation, just to talk about your project. As a professional finishing boutique, that's what we're here for.        310.804.6336