DCP services -

Release your FILM to the planet!

             Filmmakers used to call the lab to make release prints so that the world could see their creation. Today, that 35mm print has turned into a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) that can be shown around the planet with the highest quality for both picture and sound.

             Once your DCP is encoded, authored and formatted properly on digital media you'll need to screen it for quality assurance.

             You're at the right place because we have a state of the art 4K Christie Projector, & Dolby 7.1 audio equipped screening room with a 4K Digital Cinema Server!

            Whether we performed the final color grading, VFX or any of the other finishing services we offer or not, you'll want to call us for your DCP. 

             Why us? - Simple - We offer the best prices, the best service, and the best screening room. When we create your DCP, you know you're ready for anything. Guaranteed.